Visitors are always welcome at Monash Health as they play an important part in the recovery and comfort of patients.

Support person (s) who play a key role in a patient’s care and are significant to their well-being may be nominated by a patient. Support person(s) are partners in care, not visitors and are encouraged to participate as members of the care team to create a familiar care giving environment to enhance the care experience and to act as a key contact person.

Children supervised by a responsible adult are welcome at Monash Health.

Visiting Hours

Visitors are welcome during general visiting hours these vary for each location. Please check here

Monash Health supports a culture of flexibility in special circumstances through open visiting hours where visitors may be permitted to stay with the patient outside general visiting hours. Open visiting and visiting outside of general visiting hours is by approval of the Nurse Manager or the nurse in charge.

Rest Periods

Some areas across Monash Health have rest periods. During designated rest periods visitors are asked to leave the ward/unit to allow patients to rest. Contact Patient Enquiries for ward rest period details.

Protected Mealtimes

Some areas across Monash Health have protected mealtimes where the meal is protected from unnecessary and avoidable interruptions. Staff will advise on admission if protected mealtimes apply.

Support person(s) or visitors are welcome to stay during protected mealtimes to help with meals if patients would like them to do so. This is especially important for older patients, or those who require assistance.


Visitors must be respectful of the patient, other patients, visitors and staff.

There may be times when visitors will be asked to leave the patient to enable staff to attend to a patient’s care or to provide appropriate patient privacy. Visitors will be advised when they can return to the ward/unit.

Consideration should be given to keeping noise to minimum and using radios, televisions, mobile phones, etc quietly.

Infection Control

Visitors are asked to always wash their hands before and after spending time with a patient. Please use hand cleaner pumps provided.

Visitors who feel unwell or who have experienced fever/chills, sore throat, cough, vomiting or diarrhoea in the previous 48 hours are asked not to visit until they are well.

Behavioural Expectations

Patients, support person(s), visitors and staff have a right to feel emotionally and physically safe, to be listened to and treated with respect and dignity. It is a requirement that patients, support person(s), visitors and staff behave in accordance with community and legal expectations.

The following behaviours are not acceptable and will not be tolerated:

  • Aggressive behaviour, harassment and intimidation
  • Threatening language towards patients, support person(s), visitors or staff
  • Physical attacks to people or property
  • Obscene, racist, sexist or demeaning language

For more information on visiting at Monash Health please contact Patient Enquiries

Casey Hospital: (03) 8768 1200
Dandenong Hospital: (03) 9554 1000
Kingston Centre: (03) 9265 1000
Monash Medical Centre: (03) 9594 6666
Moorabbin Hospital: (03) 9928 8111

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