cpk philosophy

Everything the MHCPK does reflects the vision, values and purpose of Monash Health, starting with putting patients first. 
We drive innovation, develop strategic partnerships and operate sustainably.
Our single focus on the preparation and delivery of bulk meals for patients and residents allows for maximum efficiencies in running costs and waste minimisation.
Our partnership with a specialist logistics provider enables us to cost-effectively manage distribution of small or large numbers of meals to a high number of outlets in a timely manner.
We demonstrate commercial best practice through consistent product delivery; efficient order placement and  fulfilment systems; supply certainty; budgeting efficiency; and benefits derived from MHCPK’s economies of scale and purchasing power.

Truly specialist operations

We are the only provider of our kind in Australia that supplies such a diverse range of meals for all patients and residents, plus specialist meals covering guaranteed allergen-free, Halal-certified and a wide multi-cultural selection.
We operate from state-of-the-art, purpose built facilities. 
Our specialist clinical menu caters for a range of options including diabetic, paediatric, low fat, gluten free, and vegan options.
We provide all of our customers with monthly performance reports against a set of agreed KPIs covering: safety; quality; customer satisfaction;  ordering and delivery systems.


Innovation is embedded in MHCPK’s culture and evidenced through our facilities, operations, people, services and most importantly, our meals.
We use environmentally friendly electrolyzed water for cleaning and sanitising and automated temperature recording and monitoring for total food safety compliance.
We have a commitment to continuous improvement. 
Recent innovations include frozen meal vending machines to provide truly on-demand, healthy and nutritionally complete meals and plate-precision packaging utilising a removable base to ensure perfect presentation.