All emergency departments prioritise patients according to their medical need. Therefore, patients with a life threatening or emergency conditions may be seen before other more stable patients. 

Therefore patients are not seen in the order that they arrive but, according to the severity of their illness. It is also important to note that patients arriving via an ambulance do not automatically gain priority, and may in fact be asked to wait in the waiting room.

On arrival, the Triage Nurse will record details of your:

  • health concern and past history
  • medications and allergies, including drug allergies.

Depending on your condition you may be taken immediately into a cubicle or asked to take a seat in the waiting area.

Your personal details will be recorded by a clerical staff member at reception.

Once in a cubicle, you will be seen by a nurse and a doctor. They will examine you and may order further tests.

Should you have any concerns, in particular if your condition changes, please let either the triage nurse or the nurse caring for you know immediately.

People can be either discharged after observation and care or admitted to hospital.