Can I take the children with me to the emergency department?

The Emergency Department is a very busy place and may be hazardous for children. We request that children remain seated with family at all times.

Can I use my mobile phone to call relatives and friends?

All mobile phones must be switched off once inside the hospital, as they may cause interference with equipment. Please ask reception or a nurse for advice.

Can we visit a patient in the emergency department?

We understand that patients need the love and support of their family and friends. However, visitors need to be kept to a maximum of two at a time, due to space limitations within the department and out of respect for other patients. At times, visitors may be asked to wait outside the department.

Does it matter if I eat or drink before presenting to the emergency department?

We ask that patients do not eat or drink before seeing a doctor, as certain tests require a fasting time.

How can I get information on a patient in the emergency department?

Only immediate family may enquire about a patient’s condition. We ask that families nominate one person to be the contact point and keep calls to a minimum.

Why are people referred to a GP clinic?

At Dandenong and Clayton there is an after hours GP clinic. If the person’s condition does not require specialist emergency care we may refer the patient to the Clinic to be seen by one of Monash Health’s accredited general practitioners.

Why would a patient be transferred to another hospital?

Not all services are provided at every Monash Health hospital. The Emergency Department care will be the same but, depending on your ongoing needs, patients may be transferred to the hospital that has the specialty required for continued treatment.