Monash Health treats over 150,000 emergency patients a year at Monash Medical Centre Clayton campus, Dandenong Hospital and Casey Hospital.
Patients have access to a full range of treatment options, including intensive care.  If clinically appropriate, patients may need to be transferred to another site within the service.

Monash Medical Centre, Clayton

Over 62,000 people present to the emergency department each year. Approximately one third of presentations are children.  
The department has 54 cubicles including seven state-of-the-art resuscitation cubicles, decontamination facilities and three isolation rooms.  There are separate paediatric and adult treatment areas and dedicated facilities for patients with mental health needs. There is a ten bed short stay unit.

Dandenong Hospital

At Dandenong we provide emergency care for approximately 47,000 patients per year from the Greater Dandenong, Gippsland and the Mornington Peninsula.  We have 30 clinical service areas providing care for a variety of presentations, including trauma, obstetric and gynaecological, paediatric, orthopaedic, plastics, psychiatric and acute medical and surgical emergencies.
Our new department is due to be opened in 2011.

Casey Hospital

Over 43,000 people present to the emergency department each year.  The department consists of 20 general cubicles, including a dedicated psychiatric room and isolation room, 2 resuscitation bays (adult & paediatric) and 6 procedure rooms, inclusive of a plaster, procedure and an ENT specialty room.