All our meals are developed in consultation with dieticians and comply with the Department of Health Victorian Nutrition Guidelines to ensure optimum levels of nutrition and portion size.

We recognise the direct correlation between nutritional food and patient recovery and present our meals to look, smell and taste truly appealing.

We create complete meals which contain both protein i.e. meat, chicken or fish and carbohydrate components e.g. rice, pasta and vegetables.

Our menus provide clear nutritional information detailing all ingredients plus amounts of energy, protein, sodium and fat.

We also offer a dedicated phone line where patients, families or staff can obtain more detailed nutritional information on our menu items.

Nutritional Information – Beef 

Nutritional_Information – Chicken 

Nutritional_Information – Desserts 

Nutritional_Information – Fish 

Nutritional_Information – Lamb 

Nutritional_Information – Pork 

Nutritional_Information – Soup 

Nutritional_Information – Vegetarian