Monash Health Central Production Kitchen (MHCPK)

Meals prepared with care

The Monash Health Central Production Kitchen (MHCPK) embraces the Monash Health vision of ‘exceptional care, outstanding outcomes’ in everything we do.

We specialise in preparing meals for people in a healthcare setting – whether they are recovering from illness or an operation, are a resident in a care-based facility, or even if they suffer from food allergies.
Over more than 30 years, we have developed and fine-tuned a deep understanding of patient tastes, nutritional needs and more recently, cultural, religious and clinical requirements in their meals.
We understand the need for variety, for excellence in delivery and presentation of restaurant –style meals, and for systems that can respond to changing demands.
We are Australia’s most experienced and awarded producer of specialty meals providing more than 1.5 million meals per year to 20 separate facilities in Victoria.

Freshness and flavour

MHCPK achieves superior freshness and taste in all our meals by combining the best available ingredients with our state-of-the-art cooking, chilling and packaging methods.
All meals can be heated in either conventional or microwave ovens.
Our “taste as you go team” tests every new recipe on our menu before they are made available and we update our menu every year to take advantage of changing taste and to promote the best possible variety and choice in our dishes.