Latest information and resources

Department of Health and Human Services

As this is a rapidly changing situation, please visit the Department of Health and Human Services website for the latest updates, including advice on symptoms and precautions.

Visit the Department of Health and Human Services website to find out more

Information for the Victorian public regarding coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Taking care of your mental health

Being self-isolated and practicing physical distancing can feel overwhelming.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious, there are resources available to help you.

Head to Health

The Australian Department of Health’s website Head to Health can help you find digital mental health services and supports from some of Australia’s most trusted mental health organisations.

Crisis support

A list of services to help you and your loved ones during this time, complied by Monash Health’s social work team.

Resources to help answer your child’s questions about coronavirus

We all know kids love asking questions.

But answering them during a stressful and uncertain time can be tricky. It’s normal to feel unsure about what to say.

To help you during this time, we’ve put together a list of helpful and related links.

Coronavirus: A guide for parents

A helpful resource for parents navigating discussions with their children about COVID-19.

Tips for home-isolation with kids

Useful strategies for isolating with kids from Better Health Channel.

Be a Soapy Hero campaign for kids

Follow these soapy hero training steps to get rid of Gerry the Germ.

News and information for Australians about COVID-19 vaccines. Find out more