Pastoral, Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy

Listening, caring, being with

Pastoral Care, also known as Spiritual Care, provides someone who can listen, and offers companionship and support to patients, their family members and friends, and to staff. Our care is focused on listening in such a way that allows each person to explore and express their hopes and concerns, whilst drawing on their own spiritual and personal resources. Our Pastoral and Spiritual Care workers respond as appropriate to multi-cultural needs.

Pastoral care engages with people as they work though issues such as:

  • personal concerns or celebrations
  • the experience of illness
  • relationships, including family concerns
  • dealing with change, loss and grief
  • spirituality and life’s meaning

By participating in your care we aim to:

  • offer understanding
  • listen generously without judgement
  • maintain confidentiality
  • be sensitive to particular cultural, religious or spiritual needs
  • respond to and make referrals

Pastoral Care Staff

  • Pastoral Care workers offer support to all patients, family members and staff
  • Visiting Ministers and Chaplains support people within a specific faith tradition
  • ‘On Call’ Clergy and Chaplains are available from most faith traditions for people seeking support from someone of their tradition

A Sacred Space or Chapel is available at each site. These are a shared space where all faiths and understandings of
spirituality are respected. They provide a place for anyone who would like to take time out to reflect, pray or simply be still.

Monash Health CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) Centre

Monash Health conducts units of Clinical Pastoral Education at Casey Hospital and Monash Medical Centre.  CPE is strongly recommended for those seeking employment in Pastoral Care in health care settings.

For further information regarding CPE programs at Casey Hospital contact Ian Breguet and for CPE programs at Monash Medical Centre, Emil Neven.

Casey Hospital

Pastoral Care Coordinator: Ian Breguet

Address: Casey Hospital, Kangan Drive, Berwick, 3806

Phone: 8768 1583


Pager: 2383

Dandenong Hospital

Pastoral Care Coordinator: Ray Higgs

Address: Dandenong Hospital, 135 David St, Dandenong, 3175

Phone: 9554 8330


Pager: 7331

Kingston Centre

Pastoral Care Coordinator: Kerry Bounds

Address: Kingston Centre, 400 Warrigal Rd, Cheltenham, 3192

Phone: 9265 1812


Monash Medical Centre

Pastoral Care Coordinator: Emil Neven

Address: 246 Clayton Road, Clayton, 3168

Phone: 9594 2332


Pager: 13324