Picture: Mother, Mariam Hussaini and two of her four babies.

Friday 19 January 2018

Monash Medical Centre has safely delivered a set of quadruplets on Wednesday following a 30 week and one day gestation period.

Mariam Hussaini and her husband Mohammed had always dreamed of having a family, moving to Australia from Afghanistan in 2012.

After trying to fall pregnant for nine years, the stars aligned and they finally got their wish, however to their surprise it wasn’t just one baby, they were pregnant with quadruplets!

Mariam has been under the care of Monash Medical Centre since she was three months pregnant, with the process being carefully monitored by a team of staff.

“Each of the four babies had their own team, they had their own colours and everyone knew which team they belonged to.” said Monash Health Director of Neonatology Dr Charles Barfield.

All four boys were delivered safely at Monash Medical Centre on Wednesday afternoon by caesarean.

Named Elyas and Almaas (identical twins) and Rayan and Shayan(fraternal twins), all four were born healthy and will remain at Monash Children’s Hospital for at least the next eight to ten weeks until they are big enough to go home.

 See the Channel Nine news clip below