Monash Children’s Simulation: Providing simulation-based education in the Pacific

The Monash Children’s Simulation team recently visited Papua New Guinea (PNG), where they provided simulation-based education to local clinicians and healthcare workers. 

Led by the Director of Monash Children’s Simulation, Prof Ram Nataraja, in partnership with the Australian Government, the training program focused on developing participants’ clinical and teaching skills in paediatric and neonatal care, to contribute to improved outcomes for new mothers and their children.

The program was developed in close consultation with ANGAU Memorial Provincial Hospital clinical leaders, specifically to address the needs of the hospital and program participants in PNG.

“Our aim is to achieve equity and equality in education and the care that is provided to children and their families in all resource settings worldwide,” said Prof Ram Nataraja.

The Monash Children’s Simulation team has provided ongoing training and support to the program participants in PNG remotely since 2021. This year was the first time the team met to train participants in person, which included workshops with simulation-based scenarios to further develop skills.

The training program will continue online through virtual simulation-based education, with the team’s clinicians and healthcare professionals based at Monash Children’s Hospital and Monash University Department of Paediatrics.