Monash Health in the Media: Food Services worker serving up classical music

Yoshi turns to the camera smiling, her hands on the keys of a grand piano, classical music opened out in front of her.

Monash Health Food Services worker Yoshie Komatsu is in her happy place playing the piano. 

The classically trained pianist, who was separated from her beloved grand piano when she migrated from Japan 18-years ago, was over the moon when she discovered a piano as she explored her new workplace, Monash Medical Centre. 

The urge to play was irresistible! 

For the past few months, Yoshie has been playing during her breaks.  

“Playing piano is a kind of meditation for me,” she said. 

Her impromptu performances in the centre’s concourse have been entertaining and relaxing visitors, patients and clinicians. 

“Hospital can be a really, really busy place, and can be really anxiety provoking for people who visit here and even for staff,” said Monash Health Chief Medical Officer, Dr Anjali Dhulia. 

“So, it is lovely that Yoshie gives up her break time to play for those passing by who pause to enjoy some relaxation and calm in their busy day.”

Yoshie Komatsu standing in the sunshine in a hospital courtyard being filmed by a cameraman.

Yoshie Komatsu during filming with SBS.

 SBS News has featured Yoshi’s story on TV, radio and online. 

To hear her play, check out this podcast.