The sacred month of Ramadan has begun

A mosaic doorway featuring a crescent moon and the words Ramadan Mubarak

Monash Health wishes a blessed Ramadan to patients, their families, employees and the wider community as the holy month of fasting gets underway.  

During the special month, Muslims across the globe fast between dawn and sunset and are encouraged to give back to their community through charity and service.  

Younger people, older people and those who are sick are not required to fast.  

For Muaaz Zahid, a Hospital Medical Officer at Monash Health, Ramadan is a time for spiritual growth and self-reflection. 

“It is the biggest mental, spiritual, physical boost that I can get. I look forward to it all year long,” said Dr Zahid. 

“There is a lot of thinking of others involved. You are supposed to help others that are in need, others that are less fortunate than yourself, and really think about self-control.” 

“It is almost a training month for you to live your best life in the 11 months that follow.” 

With the end of Ramadan comes Eid al-Fitr, a joyous occasion where families gather to reflect on the month that has passed and celebrate with food, sweets, and their best attire. 

Away from his family in Canada, Dr Zahid will connect with his friends and community in Melbourne this year. 

“I really encourage you to ask if someone is fasting around you and see what Ramadan is all about for them, because I am sure they will be excited to talk about it.” 

“Ask them when they are going to break their fast and see if they would like to go for a meal with you. One hundred per cent they will invite you!”

“People love eating with others during Ramadan.”