Monash Health in the Media: Caring for our multicultural community

Monash Health has the privilege of caring for a diverse and multicultural community, with more than 40% of residents in our catchment born overseas, and the largest refugee and migrant community in Victoria. 

With over 130 languages spoken in our community, we are proud to have a diverse workforce who bring a wealth of shared experiences and understanding to our patients. 

As reported by SBS, 25-year-old Dr Kumail Jaffry, a colorectal surgery resident at Dandenong Hospital, is using his proficiency in multiple languages and life experience to connect with patients from diverse backgrounds.

This ambitious young doctor is currently learning his seventh language.

Dr Jaffry is a Hazara refugee who fled Afghanistan, arriving in Australia at 12-years-old with his mother and younger brothers.

His journey across borders and his own family’s experiences in the healthcare system led him to study medicine in Australia.

“When I’m scrubbing in, I’m going into the theatre to fulfil a lifelong goal,” says Dr Jaffry.

“I can interpret for patients in multiple languages. And what I’ve found is that it improves patient trust and autonomy as well as satisfaction.”

Dr Jaffry has his sights set on becoming a colorectal surgeon and hopes to inspire a new generation of migrants and refugees.

“Hopefully my story will show the children of migrants and refugees that yes, it’s hard, but there is a lot of support around you,” he says.

“So, don’t give up, give back to the community and that will act as a driving force for you to achieve anything in life.”

Thank you, Dr Jaffry, for sharing your inspiring story and for your positive impact on patient experiences at Monash Health and in the community.

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