Movement Disorders Program launch online resources for people living with Parkinson’s

The Monash Health Movement Disorders Program, located at the Kingston Centre, have launched a new website for patients, carers and clinicians.

The multidisciplinary team of experts are dedicated to the provision of a world class health service for people with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, their caregivers and family. 

The website includes program information, clinical guidance and educational resources to help people with Parkinson’s manage some of the common difficulties they may experience in everyday life. 

Consulting our community 

The team received funding assistance from Parkinson’s Foundation (USA) to produce a series of videos including patient and carer testimonials, self-help strategy videos and clinician presentations. These videos are available for anyone to view on the MDP website. 

The development of the patient-focused website was in response to feedback from focus groups involving consumers – people with Parkinson’s and carers.  

The focus groups saw the website as an opportunity to showcase services, to make them accessible and help people to access the right services, at the right time. The groups also saw the website as an opportunity to include educational material that could support users in self-managing their Parkinson’s related health problems. 

“The Movement Disorders Program developed this website in close collaboration with our community with the aim to be a resource for people with a movement disorder, and their carers and for health professionals and care providers. We are excited to be able to provide evidence-based information and resources which can be accessed anytime and anywhere.”  – Mary Danoudis, Senior Clinical Physiotherapist, Research Physiotherapist.

New self-help videos for living with Parkinson’s Disease 

The new videos highlight common difficulties and explain how people living with Parkinson’s Disease can overcome them using specific strategies.  

To help people perform a task more easily, these self-help strategies encourage the use of focused attention to concentrate on each step of a sequence. 

The first video introduces the theory behind the strategies – using the example of a car’s cruise control system. 

Take a look and watch the videos here.

If you are a Monash Health healthcare partner feel free to share links to the videos with your patients or download this helpful poster for your waiting room noticeboards.