Order your hospital meals online anywhere, anytime

Mobile Meal Ordering for patients is here

You can now order your meals during your stay at any of Monash Health’s hospitals online via the Mobile Meal Ordering system. 

All you have to do is go to Mobile Meal Ordering, enter your hospital UR number as your ID and enter your date of birth as the default pin number. You can choose to change your pin afterwards. 

In the past, the only option available was ordering your meal through a menu monitor. If you missed the menu monitor’s visit, an appropriate meal selection was chosen for you. We know if a patient or their loved one orders their choice of meal then they are more likely to enjoy a meal of their choice. 

We are excited to offer at least three different ways to order your meals during your stay: 

  1. Order via our friendly menu monitor. 
  2. Order using the Mobile Meal Ordering system. 
  3. A family member or friend can place your order for you using the Mobile Meal Ordering system. 

If you are staying at the Monash Children’s Hospital or the Victorian Heart Hospital, you can also use the patient entertainment system (PES) to order your meals. 

“The Mobile Meal Ordering system provides an opportunity for our patients to order their own meal if they miss our menu monitor.  

“The system can be accessed anywhere in the world to order a patient’s meal, so even when a family is on holiday, they can order their loved one’s meals if they need to,” says Director of Support Services Sharon McNulty. 

Each site has their own order cut-off time, while the Monash Medical Centre and Jessie McPherson Private Hospital share the same cut-off time: 

Breakfast: before 5:30am 

Lunch: before 10:00am 

Dinner: before 3pm 

More information can be found in the Welcome to Ward pack for patients and on posters at the wards.