Our new disability resources webpage: making access to healthcare and support easier for everyone

Close up of a healthcare worker using the Disability Resources webpage

We are committed to providing disability content and information for our employees and the wider community, to actively reduce barriers to accessible healthcare.

To support this, we are proud to launch our Disability Resources webpage, a place that brings together the disability resources and programs available for our employees and consumers.

Visit monashhealth.org/disability-resources for programs and support services available through Monash Health – and trusted external providers – who can provide support to people with disability, their employers, families, carers, and healthcare providers.

The webpage will be updated as new resources become available and we welcome any other suggestions for resources we can add. You can email kellie.hammerstein@monashhealth.org with your suggested resources.

Our Disability Resources webpage is just one of many steps in our commitment to providing accessible healthcare for all. You can find out more in our new Disability Strategy and Action Plan, (2023-2027), available here in Plain English and Easy Read, as well as versions in Auslan and the five most widely spoken languages among our non-English speaking community.