Meet Mathew Born, our new Director of Monash Doctors Workforce

Meet Mathew Born, our new Director of Monash Doctors Workforce. Mathew has worked across private and military health services around Australia and brings to his new role a breadth of experience in areas such as recruitment, onboarding, and international medical graduate integration.

“Prior to working at Monash Health, I had a unique opportunity to work alongside the military spanning across a decade,” says Mathew. “With the military, I was fortunate enough to work and live in Canberra, Sydney and Darwin supporting their hospitals there.”

Now six months into his role as Director of Monash Doctors Workforce, Mathew looks forward to reinvigorating our teams as we rise to meet the demands of our new post-COVID healthcare needs. “The World Health Organisation has released research that shows we’re facing global shortages of medical professionals across public and private health. We’re not going to be able to solve those shortages tomorrow or even within the next six to twelve months.

“We also know that post-COVID, everyone is struggling, and maybe even feeling a little pessimistic.

“But we are reframing and casting a fresh set of eyes on what we can do to support the clinicians we do have.”

Mathew and the Doctors Workforce team are working to deliver innovative outcomes across the services they deliver. “I want to improve our efficiency and the value we add to our clinicians’ day-to-day, with such mechanisms as prompt and accurate administration of individual employment.”

Mathew and his team are also exploring innovative ways to source global talent, partner with other health services to share resources, and reinforce Monash Health as an employer of choice for clinicians.

“Monash Health has fantastic opportunities for clinicians to develop their careers,” says Mathew. “The more we can establish our reputation for support, the more people will want to come here and work with us.

“An organisation of our size presents opportunities for clinicians to explore growth in their careers. We have the Monash Children’s Hospital and the Victorian Heart Hospital which offer unique career opportunities, and we also have our affiliation with the university and research institutes which set us apart.”