Enthusiasm, work ethic, and experience is recipe for success on Ward 32

Registered Nurses Jo Tian, Tian Tan and Selby Li stand next to a monitor in discussion with each other. They all wear navy blue scrubs and masks.

In the kitchen, a combination of fresh ideas and extensive experience often yields the most successful results – and nursing is no different. 

On Ward 32, a mixture of younger, older, and diverse voices is the special ingredient which helps our team run without a hitch. 

Registered Nurse Tian Tan, who joined Ward 32 in February this year, said she was a bit overwhelmed when she started in the high acuity setting, but quickly adjusted thanks to the support of her new team. 

“The pace was faster, and the patients were sicker,” she said. 

“What I’ve been so appreciative of was receiving continuous support from my manager Mel Kant and a number of educators.” 

Having always had a keen interest in healthcare, Tian decided to make a career switch a few years back and completed a graduate entry nursing program at Monash University as a mature aged student. 

“With the continuing professional development opportunities and mentorship, working on Ward 32 has helped me build more confidence in caring for critically ill patients,” she said.

Registered Nurses Jo Tian, Tian Tan and Selby Li stand in a line next to an empty patient bed. They are all smiling and wearing navy blue scrubs. Selby wears a red stethoscope, Tian wears a light blue bandana and both Tian and Jo wear black glasses.

Registered Nurses Jo Tian, Tian Tan and Selby Li believe the key to the success of Ward 32 is camaraderie.

Another new starter, Registered Nurse Selby Li, joined Ward 32 in March, finally realising her dream to work as a nurse in Australia after studying and working as a nurse overseas since 2009. 

“As a new Registered Nurse here in Australia with an overseas ICU background, I was still very nervous when I stepped into Ward 32, but can’t believe how much I’ve achieved,” she said. 

“I felt so welcomed and encouraged, and the senior nurses and facilitators have been supportive and helpful when I’ve needed it.” 

The high acuity nursing unit, which houses patients who don’t meet the criteria of an ICU patient but need more care than a patient on a regular ward, was the perfect fit for Selby’s new Australian adventure. 

“Over 10 years of hard work and studying, I finally made it here, and I’m so lucky to have a team that makes me feel comfortable and confident in my new nursing journey,” she said.

Registered Nurses Jo Tian, Tian Tan and Selby Li stand next to a monitor. Jo points at the screen while Tian and Selby look to be listening and observing.

On Ward 32, Senior Nurses always take the time to support and mentor Junior Nurses who are still learning the ropes.

With two fresh faces quickly learning the ropes, it’s the support and knowledge of our experienced teammates like Registered Nurse Jo Tian that makes sure Ward 32 runs smoothly, allowing our new team members the space to learn and grow. 

 “Words are not enough to express my appreciation for all my lovely colleagues, and I’ve learnt so much from them and being guided on how to best support our junior staff,” she said. 

“I have no doubt this will become a positive circle, where the good things you take from your seniors can be passed on to your own juniors.” 

For Jo, the reason why the Ward runs so smoothly is a plethora of teamwork. 

“When I moved into Ward 32, I was so well supported by everyone, and was always given encouragement and told I could call anytime if I needed any help,” she said. 

“My manager Mel Kant is the reason I decided to stay here. She’s supportive, approachable, and flexible and really does her best to help everyone develop their brightest future.” 

Ward 32 is still on the hunt for some more fresh faces to take on roles within the new High Acuity space at Monash Health. Head to our careers website today to check out our current opportunities.