Victorian Heart Hospital update

Today, we were pleased to welcome the Premier and Minister for Health for a walkthrough of the facilities at the Victorian Heart Hospital.

Operated by Monash Health, in partnership with Monash University, the Victorian Heart Hospital will be uniquely positioned to provide tailored cardiovascular care and specialised life-saving procedures for our community.

Major construction works have been completed, with only a range of landscaping and minor construction works still underway.

Monash Health will be handed the building in the coming weeks and will then focus on commissioning and testing all systems and equipment ahead of opening in February 2023.

Located in Clayton and close to Monash Medical Centre, our cardiac teams at the Victorian Heart Hospital will have ready access to world-leading expertise in obstetrics, nephrology, intensive care, and many other specialties. For patients with health issues beyond heart disease, this proximity and shared networks will allow for the best possible care.

As Australia’s first dedicated cardiac hospital, the Victorian Heart Hospital will include a full range of ambulatory and inpatient cardiac care, including cardiac theatres, cardiac catheterisation laboratories, and ambulatory services such as cardiac CT, echocardiography, and specialist consultation.

The Victorian Heart Hospital will play a key role in advancing research and teaching. It will be home to the Victorian Heart Institute, a brand new, health and medical research organisation at Monash University. It will house a dedicated clinical trial space which will train our clinicians and researchers in medical entrepreneurship and accelerate our discoveries and inventions through to deliverables and commercialisation.

The research possibilities at the Victorian Heart Hospital are incredibly exciting. For example, the potential exists to identify a health need, create a solution – such as a medical device – and commercialise the solution under one roof.

Monash Health is currently recruiting for a wide range of roles at the Victorian Heart Hospital. For more information, please visit our Victorian Heart Hospital Careers webpage.

If you are specifically interested in nursing roles, please visit our Victorian Heart Hospital Careers – Nursing webpage.