Supporting gender equality across Monash Health

We are pleased to welcome Dr Ashlee Linck to Monash Health in her dual role as the Gender Equity Lead, and as part of the Organisational Development and Learning Team.

In her new role, Ashlee will sit across the Equity & Inclusion Committee and the Gender Equality Committee and will drive the implementation of the new Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP) and associated gender programs throughout Monash Health.

She comes to Monash Health with global experience spanning commercial, healthcare, and academic industries.

A proactive approach to an inclusive workplace

Ashlee’s individual experiences have developed her passion for the area of gender equality, and she is looking forward to delivering positive, high-impact community and patient outcomes.

“I have personally felt the barriers faced by women and gender diverse people, and these lived experiences drive my passion for creating gender equality in workplaces,” Ashlee said.

“If we initiate changes which support and create easier pathways for everyone, and back this with robust frameworks, it will result in fairer workplaces for all,” she continued.

Ashlee believes that true outcomes are best achieved by including a diverse range of stakeholders and considers that Monash Health is very proactive and engaged in the gender space.

“The Gender Equality Action Plan has many ambitious targets. It speaks to creating an inclusive environment, not just in the gender space, but areas like disability, and across the wider organisation,” she said.

To learn more, you can download your copy of Monash Health’s Gender Equality Action Plan here.