Pursuing a passion for helping people

“When I graduated back home in Hong Kong, I was a little bit unsure as to what I wanted to do,” says Janelle Liu, a physiotherapist who started with the Allied Health Early Graduate Program in January.  

Janelle developed a passion for supporting people’s physical rehabilitation while working as an allied health assistant at an orthopedic clinic in Hong Kong. 

“And then I decided to pursue it full time and fly across the world to do a degree in physio. Physio has always been in the back of my mind since I was applying for undergrad.” 

Janelle says she’s enjoying working at Monash Medical Centre.  

“The team at Clayton is really supportive and you know there’s always people around to ask questions and just share a second pair of eyes. I really enjoy working in the hospital because that’s where people are in the most need of help.” 

Along with the challenges of starting a new role, Janelle has been separated from family and friends back home. 

It’s been tricky because of how long the pandemic has lasted,” says Janelle. “I wasn’t anticipating not seeing my family for two and a half years. It means making more time around weekends trying to make things work with family and relationships back home. I have a lot of friends from back home or from here, so I have plenty of support.” 

Janelle is excited to grow her career with Monash Health. 

I’m still exploring different fields of physio but right now I’m really enjoying the acute physio setting with its fast-paced nature,” says Janelle. “I’m really interested in neuro, but I’m also open to opportunities and who knows where that’s going to take me.”

This profile is part of a series spotlighting our Allied Health Early Graduate Program. We wish them all the best for their time with Monash Health.

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