Meet our 2022 Monash Health medical graduates

Monash Health recently welcomed 549 new medical, nursing, midwifery and mental health nursing graduates who have embarked on a 12-month graduate program to commence their careers.

Over the coming weeks, we look forward to introducing you to some of our 2022 graduates and sharing their journey, experiences, and impressions of Monash Health so far as they work through rotations and develop their clinical skills.

This week, we will be introducing three of our medical graduates who joined us in 2022.

These medical graduates will rotate through five areas, including the opportunity to work in rural locations. They will cover core medical, surgical and emergency rotations and consolidate their knowledge on infection prevention, EMR and safe prescribing, accompanied by fun and practical ideas to support their wellbeing through the graduate program.

Suwandi Dewapura

Suwandi is already well established in the Monash Health community, studying Medicine at Monash University and rotating through Monash Health placements during her studies.

Pictured: Dr Suwandi Dewapura, Medical Graduate.

In her fourth year at university, Suwandi was placed at Dandenong Hospital where she focussed her learning on women’s health. During her final year, she gained exposure to both the Emergency Department and anaesthetics specialties across Monash sites.

Her previous experience with Monash Health has given Suwandi a thorough understanding of Monash and its supportive culture, which she hopes will put her in good stead for the “steep learning curve” during the graduate program.

Suwandi is currently in her first graduate rotation is in Emergency Medicine at Clayton which she is really enjoying and thriving in. A highlight of the term has been the opportunity to “perform airway management under supervision.”

Suwandi’s second rotation will have her placed at Dandenong Hospital to learn about colorectal surgery.

Avraham Bart

Studying medicine at Melbourne University, a sense of community engagement drew Avraham Bart to Monash Health.

Pictured: Dr Avraham Bart, Medical Graduate.

Avraham also works as a Rabbi in the local Jewish community and believes the pastoral care through this work provides a strong cross-over to his work in the medical field.

Living near Monash himself, Avraham is “interested in Monash Health for the diverse demographic of people” and the range of opportunities that come with such a large organisation.

“Monash is huge,” he says.

“It is easy to become lost…but I have not felt that at all,” in part due to the “incredibly supportive” environment.

Avraham’s first rotation is in general medicine where he has seen a mix of COVID and non-COVID patients, and despite grappling with the challenges of visitation restrictions, the “leadership and guidance has made that so much easier.”

Lilly May Backshell

Pictured: Dr Lilly May Backshell, Medical Graduate

Pictured: Dr Lilly May Backshell, Medical Graduate

Lilly studied a Bachelor of Science at Monash University, followed by a postgraduate in Medicine.

Starting her career with Monash Health was a no-brainer for Lilly. As a Boonwurrung woman, Lilly feels a connection to the Monash community which falls within Boonwurrung land.

It was “one of the reasons to work for Monash Health…there’s a lot of support for Indigenous doctors,” she says.

Lilly believes that her heritage also plays a part in caring for the patients she sees. During her general surgery rotation, she has met many Aboriginal patients, giving them a “connection they might not otherwise get.”

Lilly is also connecting with Indigenous medical students through tutoring.

Commencing her rotations in general surgery caused some apprehension, but Lilly has “felt so supported” and “enjoys working in a team environment.”


We wish all our commencing graduates the best for their year ahead!

If you would like to join the team at Monash Health, take a look at our current vacancies on the Careers page.