Celebrating the front of house team keeping us safe everyday

A member of the front of house team at Monash Health greets a patient as they approach the screening desk. The female worker is wearing a green shirt, a mask and eye protection and the patient, with her back to the camera, wears a white sweater.

With an average of 7,000 people walking through the doors of Monash Medical Centre each day, staying on top of our COVID-19 screening has been no easy feat. 

Our front of house team has put in a miraculous effort over the last 18 months to make sure our employees, patients and their families stay safe when visiting our sites. 

Showing great resiliency, our team – from those who provide initial screening to our reception desk administrators – have had to manage ever-changing restriction shifts and the roll-out of QR check-ins. 

Lisa Gelberidis, Manager of Customer Service/Admissions Monash Sector at Monash Medical Centre, Monash Children’s Hospital and Moorabbin Hospital, said she admired the hard work all the front of house teams had put in during the pandemic. 

“I am extremely proud and humbled to work with such an amazing team that are so resilient to the changes. I am so proud of how they have been able to adapt,” she said. 

“We are all one team, and we are all here to support each other whilst providing everyone with positive customer service while adhering to the required COVID safety and screening measures.” 

A few of our front of house employees shared what they love most about working in their role. 

Louisa Raharaha is answering a phone at a reception desk, while sitting in a chair in front of her computer. She is wearing a green shirt, a mask, eye protection and her brown hair is in a high ponytail. Behind her in the background, another one of her colleagues is working at a computer.

Pictured: Louisa Raharaha and Zac Glaros, Main Reception – Customer Service /Admissions Administration.

Lousia Raharaha, Main Reception – Customer Service/Admissions Administration, said: “Being the first point of contact for patients and their families, as well as colleagues, it is important to always leave them with a good impression, even if it is a simple wave or a cheerful good morning.  

“You never know what they’re going through, so you could be helping someone start their day in the right direction.”  

Pictured: Layna Gomez, Main Reception, Customer Service /Admissions Administration.

Layna Gomez, Main Reception, Customer Service/Admissions Administration, said: “I really enjoy the diversity and busy environment every day or even every hour can bring. Nothing stays static, which makes every day very interesting.  

“I also feel very lucky to work for an iconic healthcare institution with a caring and supportive management and team.”  

While Max James, Entrance Screening Shift Lead said: “When I started this role, interacting with people when they are at their most vulnerable was a new experience for me.  

“Working through and learning the communication skills needed to aid patients and their families has been a very rewarding process.”  

Thank you to all our front of house employees for your ongoing commitment and for helping keep the Monash Health community safe.