The end of an era for ‘the godfather of cardiothoracic surgery’

After a 44-year career as a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr Jacob Goldstein has decided to put down the tools and enter retirement.  

Nicknamed ‘the godfather of cardiothoracic surgery’ at Monash Health, Dr Goldstein has spent the last 34 years as a cardiothoracic surgeon at Monash Health and played a pivotal role in the decision to commence performing cardiothoracic surgery at Monash Health.  

Dr Goldstein’s career has stretched across numerous Victorian hospitals, plus roles at health services in America and New Zealand. Throughout his career, Jacob has been a pivotal trainer and mentor for cardiac surgeons both at Monash Health and abroad, and he continues to impart his knowledge even during retirement. 

“Teaching doesn’t come with accolades, but I’ve enjoyed teaching and you learn a lot from the people you teach. It’s been a very important and satisfying part of my career,” said Dr Goldstein.  

Throughout his 34-year career at Monash Health, Dr Goldstein has been through many different changes, including surgical and technological advancements, and significant changes in cardiology.  

When asked why he stayed at Monash Health for so long, Dr Goldstein said “I love the place because we have a terrific, cohesive unit. All of these factors melded together to make Monash Health a great place to work”. 

While he will no longer be in the operating suites, Dr Goldstein is keeping up to date with major changes and advancements in cardiology and is continuing to support his peers as a mentor.  

On behalf of everyone at Monash Health, we would like to thank Dr Goldstein for all he has contributed over his 34 years with us and wish him the best in his retirement.  

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