Monash Health features in new COVID-19 documentary

Cracking COVID, a new science-focused documentary created by Emmy award-winning director Sonya Pemberton shows us the gruelling impact and reality COVID-19 has on patients, clinicians, and researchers.   

The documentary features our very own Dr Rupa Kanapathipillai, an infectious diseases physician, and one of our former COVID-19 patients, Michael Rojales.  

The documentary shows how significant and devastating the effects of COVID-19 can be, and for Michael, how his life has changed forever.  

Cracking COVID premieres at 8:30pm Tuesday 13 July on ABC TV.

Cracking COVID: Michael Rojales leaves hospital

Michael Rojales finally leaves Monash Medical Centre after 14 days in an induced coma and months of specialist care, although the ongoing effects of COVID-19 are significant.