The end of an extraordinary era for nurse Beverley Grant

After an incredible 65 year career as a nurse, Beverley Grant has decided to hang up her scrubs and enter into retirement.

Beverley has spent the last 44 years at Monash Health, starting at Moorabbin Hospital before moving to Monash Medical Centre 18 months after its opening.

Surprisingly, Beverley never planned for a career in nursing as she “couldn’t stand the thought of blood and couldn’t bear any smells”.

Beverley has many stories from her training days at Queen Victoria Hospital, including tales of all the trainee nurses going to bed in their ball dresses, waiting for the 10 pm room check before climbing out the window to enjoy a night out. Beverley said, “I only did it once! You didn’t enjoy your night out because you knew you shouldn’t be out anyway!”.

“Training was very different to how it is now. We would live together and spend every day over six weeks learning everything. This is why we are all friends today, you become like a family.”

Beverley raised four children and assisted her husband in his building business before returning to full-time nursing in 1977.

Upon transferring to Monash Medical Centre, Beverley worked on the Respiratory Ward for two years and has spent her last 24 years at Monash Health on the Acute Renal Ward, Ward 34.

When asked why she has stayed on Ward 34 for so long, Beverley said, “We are like a family, the doctors and the nurses got on so well together. Everybody was very pleasant, and we worked very well together. I loved that”.

During COVID-19, the team learned to accept the new changes and keep a positive attitude.

” Everybody has been good about it here, and you get so used to wearing masks all day, you get lost without one!”

Beverley will be spending her retirement renovating her kitchen and has plans to drive to Cairns for a well deserved holiday.

While she will no longer be working, she can share her extensive nursing knowledge with her daughter, a nurse. Her granddaughter is also following in their footsteps and has decided to study nursing.

“I’ve always loved my job. I could keep working, but I think it’s time to go”.

At Monash Health, we thank Beverley for all she has contributed over her 44 years with us and wish her the best in her retirement!

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