GenV research project begins inviting families at Casey Hospital

Earlier this month, one of our families was the first at Casey Hospital to join Generation Victoria (GenV), a project led by The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute to improve children and parents’ long-term health and wellbeing.   

This project is the largest ever birth and parent cohort study and the first of its kind in Australia, which aims to reduce the burden of problems such as allergies, obesity, and mental illness.  

Over the next two years, every family having a baby at Monash Health will have the opportunity to join GenV.  

GenV will allow Victorian research communities access to a complete picture of a generation’s health and wellbeing, providing the insight and information needed across some of the most complex problems faced by families.  

Dr Alice Stewart, Service Director at Monash Health Newborn, welcomed the research project and the positive outcomes it could create.   

“GenV will provide the opportunity to better predict, prevent and treat future health conditions in babies who are born and receive care at Monash Health hospitals. This will lead to positive impacts on our community’s health and wellbeing,” said Dr Stewart. 

To learn more about the GenV project, visit the Monash Health Women’s website. 

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