International recognition for neonatal cardiovascular research at Monash Newborn

Proffesor Arvind Sehgal and patient

Professor Arvind Sehgal, Head of Neonatal Cardiovascular Research at Monash Newborn at Monash Children’s Hospital and Adjunct Professor of Paediatrics at Monash University, has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Perinatology.

The publication is the official journal of both Neonatal‐Perinatal Medicine of the American Academy of Paediatrics and the National Perinatal Association of the United States. Prof Sehgal’s five‐year appointment to the Journal of Perinatology will begin this year.

“As the only Australian appointee I am delighted with the offer. Along with recognising my research, this appointment also recognises the excellent research at our respective institutions – Monash Newborn, Monash Children’s Hospital, and Monash University,” said Prof Sehgal.

Prof Sehgal has been working at Monash Health for over 13 years with clinical and research expertise in cardiac and vascular physiology for perinatal and neonatal diseases, including a specialist knowledge of the echocardiographic assessment of pulmonary and systemic circulations.

The appointment to the editorial board comes as research led by Prof Sehgal, ‘Impact of Skin-to-Skin Parent-Infant Care on Preterm Circulatory Physiology’, was recognised at the British Association of Perinatal Medicine Gopi Menon Awards in December 2020. Listed among the top four research submissions for the award category of ‘making a difference to families’, the research shows that skin‐to‐skin care between parents and premature babies improves parent‐infant bonding and has physiological benefits. The research has previously been profiled by national and international media.

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