Dr Danielle Oh – winner of the Albert Baikie Award

Dr Danielle Oh

The Albert Baikie Award recognises the best presentation coming from members of the Haematology Society of Australia at its Annual Scientific meeting, and Monash Health Haematologist Dr Danielle Oh was the recipient of the 2020 award and receives the Albert Baikie Memorial Medal as part of her prize.

Dr Oh’s presentation focused on dual targeted therapy in MYC-driven cancer, which is part of her ongoing PhD work.

“This type of cancer is typically aggressive and difficult to treat,” says Dr Oh.

Her research focuses on a rationally designed chimeric molecule which targets two specific nodes of MYC biology in order to achieve better anti-cancer activity.

“Successful knowledge translation of our work will be a major breakthrough in the current treatment program for patients with aggressive haematological cancers driven by MYC.”

Congratulations to Dr Oh on her incredible achievement and valuable research.

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