Dr Christina Johnson wins prize for research paper

Dr Christina Johnson has been awarded the Melbourne Medical School Annual Publication Prize (students) 2020. It is believed to be the first time a medical education paper has won this prize.

Dr Johnson is part of the Monash Doctors Education team at Monash Health and received the award for the research paper: Psychological safety in feedback: What does it look like and how can educators work with learners to foster it? The paper was co–authored by Johnson CE, Keating JL, Molloy EK. Medical Education. 2020;54(6):559-570.

The paper discusses feedback in healthcare settings and the importance of psychological safety in encouraging learners to candidly engage in interactive dialogue.

The Publication Prize aims to recognise high quality research produced by graduate research students in the Melbourne Medical School and encourage them to further share their research findings through publications and presentations.

The Prize recognises all forms of research, including basic, translational and implementation research.

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