New drive-in immunisation clinic at Clayton

In effort to meet the needs of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, Monash Health have launched a new drive-in immunisation service to make it easier for people to get their flu vaccinations.

Based on models operating around the world, the new immunisation clinic takes our existing immunisation services and makes them available to the community in a way that minimises contact during COVID-19.

How the drive-in immunisation service works

  • Those seeking an immunisation will drive under the marquee and park their car
  • One of our team will then approach the car and with a QR code or url where the recipient will enter their details into a secured REDcap survey
  • The immunisation will then be given. If children are unable to be immunised in the car they may need to immunised in the hall
  • After being immunised, recipients will then be asked to wait in their car for 15 minutes in one of the waiting bays before leaving.

Monash Immunisation Nurse Unit Manager, Joanne Hickman, says the team has essentially re-located the whole service and has thought carefully about how to provide adequate safety and supervision, while also meeting the community need.

“Our primary target is the Monash Health patient community and many of the family members of our vulnerable patient cohort at places like Monash Children’s. They are really keen to make sure they have their vaccinations up to date.

“We are reducing the contact and exposure for our employees and patients to the potential spread of COVID-19.

Professor Jim Buttery, Head of Monash Immunisation, says the drive-through service is a result of great collaboration within Monash Health and with Monash Council. Innovations include the use of QR codes on mobile phones to limit the need to use pens and paper, which can carry germs.

“We are so grateful for the rapid response from so many teams, including engineering and the council, to make this available for our community,” Jim said.

Drive-in immunisation clinic details

The drive-in immunisation clinic is located at Monash Hall, 264 Clayton Road, Clayton.

Operating hours: 9am – 3pm weekdays.