Meet Alisha Mooney

Meet Alisha Mooney, Project Manager in our Capital Projects team.

What is your role at Monash Health and what does it entail?

I’m a Project Manager in Capital Projects, and my role is to assist Monash Health to create new and more functional spaces for employees and patients. I work on these projects alongside stakeholders and external consultants, including architects and engineers.

What has your journey been like at Monash Health?

I started with Monash Health in 2016 as a Project Officer. My first capital project was working on the expansion of the Moorabbin Hospital Imaging and Outpatients Departments. This included the installation of a new MRI and PET/CT in Imaging while creating a more functional department. The Outpatients expansion included the creation of a bigger and lighter waiting area and an increase to the number of consulting rooms. I then began my role as Project Manager in 2018.

What major capital projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on the Monash Medical Centre Emergency Department Redevelopment and Traffic Improvement Project, and construction works have recently commenced on site.

What are your overarching priorities?

When working on a staged project, such as the emergency department redevelopment, the overarching priority is ensuring clinical care can be maintained at all times throughout the various construction stages. This involves working very closely with our clinicians to understand their operational needs and patient flows, particularly when we need to hoard off sections of their department and when there is noisy construction taking place.

What impact will this project have on our employees, patients and community?

The emergency department redevelopment will provide an additional 31 beds across the emergency department for paediatric and adult patients. It will also include a dedicated space for mental health treatment within the emergency department.

This involves the demolition of their existing emergency department in stages so that it can remain operational throughout construction. Employees are impacted in these stages by having to continue their operations around the construction works.

The front entrance at Monash Medical Centre is currently undergoing significant works, which is affecting the way traffic and pedestrians can move around the site. It’s not ideal at the moment, and we are very thankful that patients, visitors and employees are being patient with us. They understand that the end result will be a less congested and easier to navigate front entrance, making it easier for the community to make their way into our hospital during what can be a stressful time for them.

There will be two new patient drop off points for the ED and the main entrance. We are creating a new road behind McCulloch House which will be a dedicated road for delivery trucks, as well as a new entrance for ambulances to enter and exit via Dixon Street. The only traffic coming into the main entrance will be patients, visitors and employee parking.

What are the main challenges you have encountered along the way?

Construction in a live clinical environment is always challenging, but the staging of this particular project has been incredibly complex. The traffic and pedestrian changes at the front entry has had its challenges and we need to monitor it daily to ensure it is safe for everyone.

We also need to maintain the same amount of beds within the emergency department through various stages of demolition and other works as required. This has involved a huge amount of planning from the ED team in finding new ways for their department to function around our works, and we are extremely grateful for the way they are working with us to help us achieve what we need to.

The dates of the internal works have fallen around the same time as the rollout of our Electronic Medical Record, so to be working with us on this redevelopment at the same time has been significant for them and they’ve been amazing!

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Going home each night knowing that I am playing a part in making Monash Health a better place and creating a better working environment for our hard-working employees. Seeing the smile on the faces of our stakeholders when they see their new working environment is very rewarding. Our roles can be quite stressful at times when working in a live clinical environment but seeing them happy makes it all worthwhile.

If you weren’t working in your current role what would you be doing?

Trying to find another way to make a difference.

What is something that your team doesn’t know about you?

I’m a 90’s music tragic. If I hear Salt n Pepa, Vanilla ice, MC Hammer, Naughty by Nature come on the radio, it’s instantly makes my day!