Congratulations to our Monash Health Award winners

Congratulations to all of our finalists at the 2019 Monash Health Awards!

Monash Health Board Chair Dipak Sanghvi and Chief Executive Andrew Stripp hosted the Monash Health Awards ceremony yesterday to announce the winners and celebrate the achievements of our staff across Monash Health.

This year we received a large number of impressive nominations, and 11 have gone on to be submitted to the Victorian Public Healthcare Awards.

The outcome of these submissions will be known when finalists are announced in early October.

Please join us in congratulating the award winners below:

Award Group 1: Improving public health

Award Category: Improving maternal, child and family health

Winners: Frauke Lever, Gavin Clifton, Angel Lee and Julie Thwaites.

For ‘Enhancing ultrasound care to improve perinatal outcomes’

Award Category: Excellence in women’s health

Winners: Dr Alice Stewart, A/Prof Ryan Hodges, A/Prof Charles Barfield

For ‘Keeping mothers and babies together: a better way of assessing sepsis risk’

Award Category: Excellence in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of Victorians

Winners: Kirsten Yates, Adj Prof Melissa Casey & All aRT staff

For: ‘Promoting recovery and trauma treatment in public health’


Award Category: Improving integration of care for patients with chronic and complex conditions

Winners: Dr Atul Malhotra, Dr Catherine Machipisa and the Early Neurodevelopment Clinic Team

For: Screening high risk infants at risk of cerebral palsy’


Award Category: Excellence in public sector aged care

Winners: Fiona McAlinden, Jacinta Re, Justine Little and Jaye Toulson.

For: ‘Guardianship in Hospitals: A Health Services/OPA Pilot Program’


Award Category: Compassionate care award

Winners: Dr Marcela Mautone, Prof Tim Buckenham, Dr Michael Franco, Dr Duncan Syme and Mrs Helen Richards

For: ‘Tunnelled peritoneal catheter for domiciliary drainage of malignant ascites’


Award Group 2: Supporting our diverse communities


Award Category: Supporting healthy populations

Winners: Health Promotion Team

For: ‘Together with local places, influencers and partners we mobilise healthy changes’


Award Category: Excellence in culturally diverse health

Winners:  Monash Health Dental Services Team

For: ‘Improving oral health among immigrant primary school students’


Award Category: Improving Aboriginal health​

Winners: Andrea Rindt, Tracey Stephens, Isabelle Howard and Andrew Gardiner (CEO – DDACL)

For: ‘Improving Aboriginal maternal health at Monash Health’

Award Category: Supporting LGBTIQ health

Winners:  Riki Lane, Jaco Erasmus, Birgit Mumelter, David Colon Cabrera and past and present members of the Community Advisory Panel

For: ‘Nothing about us, without us: Gender Clinic consumer co-design’

Award Category: Whole of hospital model for responding to family violence

Winners: The Family Violence Unit

For: ‘Building a robust system-wide response to family violence’


Award Group 3: Excellence in quality, safety and research


Award Category: Improving healthcare through clinical research

Winners:  Jun Yang, Prof Peter Fuller, Dr Morag Young, Dr Jimmy Shen, Dr Renata Libianto, A/Prof Winston Chong, A/Prof Jim Doery, Dr Nicholas Chee, Elise Forbes and Peta Nuttall

For: ‘Precision Medicine for Hypertension:  Early Detection of Primary Aldosteronism’


Award Category: Excellence in quality and safety

Winners:  Jacquie Taylor, Damien Gilby and the Monash Newborn Team

For: ‘Monash Newborn’s New Ideas Quality Improvement Board’


Award Category: Improving workforce wellbeing and safety

Winners:  Jennine Harbrow, Jane McCormick and Irene Razos

For: ‘Portable Duress Alarms – Improving health and safety for our Mobile Workforce’