Stop the flu, before it stops you!

Influenza is a major cause of illness in the Australian community, and in some cases can result in death.

The annual influenza vaccination is the most important way to prevent influenza and its complications.

The virus changes each year, so it’s important to get the influenza vaccine every year.

Get your vaccine now for the best protection before the peak influenza season.

The influenza vaccine is provided for free through the National Immunisation Program for the following groups due to their increased risk of complications:

• Children aged six months to under 5 years
• Pregnant women
• People aged 65 years and older
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged six months and over
• People with chronic medical conditions

For people aged 65 years and over, an enhanced trivalent vaccine is available.

Influenza vaccines are now available from GPs, community health clinics, Aboriginal Medical Services and other immunisation providers.

The more people who are vaccinated, the less likely that the flu will spread in the community.

You’re not just protecting yourself when you get the vaccine, but you’re also helping to protect those who are at risk.

Stop the flu, before it stops you!

For more information about the influenza vaccine, speak to your GP or other immunisation provider or visit