Nurses and Doctors can visit residents

9.00am to 8.00pm

7 days per week  including Public Holidays

Nursing Telephone support and bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please contact our telephone number on 1300 4 467 322


InReach at Monash Health provides care, consultation, referral, education and support for clients and care providers in Residential Care Facilities (RCF).

InReach helps to:
  • Ensure that care is delivered in the right place at the right time
  • Prevent avoidable Hospital presentations where appropriate by bringing expert hospital care to the facility
  • Support transition of clients from hospital to their place of residence
  • Assist the facilities’ staff in the ongoing development of clinical skills and knowledge
  • Support emergency services such as Ambulance Victoria and our Emergency Departments by providing a clinical resource in the community
  • InReach operates 7 days per week, including Public Holidays. It is staffed by clinical nurses and doctors
  • InReach can assist with transition to substituted in-patient care in the community for clients requiring medical therapies under the Hospital in the Home Program.


Far right: Adam Mohdidris MBBS FRACP Geriatrician/General Physician, Residential Inreach, Andy Price Director of Victoria/Tasmania Complaints Operations for the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner with the Residential InReach Monash Team

Team takes time to focus on the patient journey

With a focus on providing quality care for the patient journey, the Residential Inreach Annual Forum ‘The Goals of Care’ was held at Cranbourne Integrated Care Centre on Thursday 30 March. This year’s forum provided attendees information about how to focus on improving care in a cost-effective way for patients throughout their hospital stay, including the end stages of care. Methods to manage and resolve patient complaints was also a hot topic of discussion.

Guest speaker Andy Price, Director of Victoria/Tasmania Complaints Operations for the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner shared his experiences and insightful stories. He provided real life examples and educational interaction with the audience. Andy emphasised the power of saying sorry to begin the process of resolution for complaints.

Adam Mohdidris MBBS FRACP Geriatrician/General Physician, Dandenong Hospital Clinical Lead, Residential Inreach, Monash Health, commented that the journey of most patients are long and complicated with multi-factors coming into play that affect an individual’s overall health. Given these complexities, one cannot undo what has taken a long time to develop.

Adam also spoke of the importance of enabling a patient to remain at home to receive treatment and care for as long as possible. This is ideal as it reduces the risk of infection and allows the patient to remain comfortable resulting in improved health outcomes. In addition recognising frailty levels/and frailty, risk is an important part of assisting a patient to receive appropriate treatment throughout their journey and helps to improve quality of care and overall health of an individual.

Kelsay Smith Manger of Advance Care Planning Program at Monash Health, spoke passionately about the importance of creating an Advanced Care Plan regardless of a person’s age. An Advanced Care Plan is key to ensuring that an individual’s maintains quality of life for as long as possible and that their own personal wishes and values are taken into consideration should they lose their decision-making capacity.

Link to video How the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner can help you: