People presenting to Monash Health for the assessment and management of acute neurological disorders can expect to receive comprehensive care by a large team of dedicated professionals. Associate Professor Henry Ma, Head of Neurology and Stroke at Monash Health, said “we are very fortunate to have access to the best-trained experts at Monash Health who provide a complete range of pre-hospital, inpatient and outpatient stroke care. Our large team includes colleagues across many treatment and supportive modalities such as emergency medicine, neurology, diagnostic imaging, neurointerventional radiology, neurosurgery, neurophysiology, anaesthetics, intensive care, acute inpatient care, allied health, pharmacy, clinical research, and subacute services.”

“We are so proud of the team that we have at Monash Health and on behalf of all our patients, their families and carers, we would like to thank everyone involved for their tireless dedication and commitment to the care and treatment we provide for our stroke patients” said Associate Professor Ma.

As one of two dedicated state-wide centres for endovascular clot retrieval, Monash Health has seen significant growth in emergency presentations and stroke admissions. Associate Professor Ma said “it’s important that we continue to work with our colleagues across the Emergency and Imaging Departments to expedite the diagnosis and management of patients presenting with symptoms or signs of stroke. We are facing increasing pressures across all our services, but we are committed to ensuring that patients presenting with a stroke or stroke-like episode are well supported.”

Associate Professor Ronil Chandra, Head of Endovascular Clot Retrieval, agreed saying “we have made great progress in ensuring that our multidisciplinary processes operate seamlessly across the continuum of care, and through our various committees and working groups, will ensure that this work continues to progress. We continue to treat increasing numbers of patients with endovascular clot retrieval, and have treated almost 100 stroke patients already this year. With our new state-of-the-art angiography facilities for neurointerventional radiology, Monash Health will continue to play a pivotal role in the assessment and management of stroke patients across the South East of Victoria.”

Associate Professor Henry Ma says that it’s also an exciting time for research across the service. “Our stroke research team, led by myself and Professor Thanh Phan, is an internationally recognised clinical trial and research program, providing access to new and experimental therapies in stroke research. Our partnership with the Monash University Neurology Research Group means that we cover a broad spectrum of clinical research and laboratory science, to ensure that Monash Health remains at the forefront of innovation.”

“National Stroke Week is an important time for people to not only get behind the great work that we do here at Monash Health, but to ensure the best outcomes for stroke patients. It also helps our community understand how they can incorporate healthier habits into their lifestyle and reduce their risk of stroke” says Associate Professor Ma.

National Stroke Week runs from 3-9 September 2018.