Pregnancy care options

At Monash Women’s, you will be cared for by a team including midwives, doctors and allied health clinicians. You will be cared for by a team that best meets your needs.

Three (3) pathways for pregnancy care

 Hospital clinic care

  • All of your pregnancy care visits will be provided in hospital clinics.
  • Some of these clinics are situated in the community.
  • If you have an uncomplicated pregnancy you may see the same one or two midwives or small team throughout your pregnancy.
  • If you have a complicated medical and / or maternity history you may see one or more specialists, and more of the multidisciplinary team, depending on your needs.
  • Casey hospital ´caseload care´ – one midwife will provide most of your pregnancy care and be ´on call´ for you in labour, birth and home visits after discharge.  You may also consider having a home birth if you are having care with a caseload midwife.

Shared care with hospital

  • If you have an uncomplicated pregnancy your community based GP, midwife or obstetrician may refer you for shared care.
  • Your GP, obstetrician or midwife must be accredited with Monash Health as a ´Shared Maternity Care Affiliate´.
  • About half your pregnancy care will be with your hospital team and half with your community provider.

Community based pregnancy care (non-hospital)

  • Most of your pregnancy visits will be with a Monash Health specialist obstetrician in their private rooms.
  • As a public patient you will also have two visits at the hospital with a midwife from your hospital team (when you book and at around 34 weeks).

Team Based Care

Team based care have a shared leadership (midwife and obstetrician) to provide a comprehensive collaborative approach to pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. For a woman experiencing a pregnancy where there is no anticipated problem this may mean that most of that care is provided by a primary level care provider (i.e. midwife or GP). If complications arise the obstetrician or other specialist medical staff from your team will provide consultation and advice. If a woman experiences a pregnancy where there are maternal or fetal complications the majority of care will be with specialist team medical staff, however team midwives will provide midwifery care as required.

What does this mean for women?

Continuity of care within teams will enable women greater consistency in care throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal stay. Women will have increased opportunity to see clinicians they have met before (doctor, midwife and allied health) during their pregnancy visits at the hospital, in labour, birth and postnatal period.

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