Reviews to inform clinical practice and healthcare decision-making

CCE conducts reviews of evidence that are fit for purpose.  This means we match the decision and/or review question to the most appropriate review format.  Generally, we inform decisions about safety and quality of health care interventions, best practice and quality improvement strategies.

Capability Building


CCE delivers capability building sessions in the areas of Evidence-Based Medicine, Knowledge Translation, and development of Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines.

We deliver sessions on request during allocated in-service times for clinical programs at Monash Health.

We can provide guidance for Program Implementation and Evaluation.

CCE have expertise in evidence-based practice and the team is available to provide teaching support to undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

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Reviewer in residence

This placement caters for clinicians (medical, nursing and allied health) to work with the CCE team in situ; learning first-hand about the process of identifying and synthesising evidence to inform health care decisions.

External Partnerships supporting Evidence-Based Healthcare

CCE collaborates with researchers, quality improvement specialists, committees and working groups to inform best practice, effective strategies for change and evaluation.

Examples of recent collaborations include:

  • Victorian Department of Health and Human Services/Victorian Paediatric Clinical Network
  • Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University

Support for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines at Monash Health

CCE supports Monash Health staff in the development and review of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.  We provide resources to assist staff in identifying the best available evidence to support new and revised guidelines and assist in the coordination of guidelines for approval by Monash Health Clinical Council.

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Support for the Monash Health Technology Clinical Practice Committee

CCE provides administrative support to the Technology Clinical Practice Committee (TCPC) which oversees and supports clinicians in the safe and appropriate introduction of a technology or clinical practice that has not previously been undertaken at Monash Health.

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