Choosing Wisely @ Monash Health

In an attempt to reduce low value care at Monash Health, recommendations from the leading organisations providing quality and safety recommendations like Choosing Wisely will be used to ensure that Monash Health’s practices and policies are consistent with the most up-to-date clinical practice recommendations and evidence about technologies, clinical practices and organisational policy. This process will also provide a mechanism to promote the vigilant and proactive identification of risks and to drive patient safety improvement.

Monash Health Quality and the Centre for Clinical Effectiveness are partnering to deliver a process that takes relevant quality and safety recommendations and policy statements about reducing low value care and embeds them into practice at Monash Health. The process will be governed, monitored and reported within current clinical risk systems.






Australia’s peak colleges, societies and associations have developed lists of recommendations of the tests, treatments, and procedures that healthcare providers and consumers should question. Each recommendation is based on the best available evidence.

Importantly, they are not prescriptive but are intended as guidance to start a conversation about what is appropriate and necessary.

As each situation is unique, healthcare providers and consumers should use the recommendations to collaboratively formulate their own appropriate healthcare plan together.

A list of current Choosing Wisely Australia Recommendations is available on their website.