Description of the services Consultative service for new clients both elective and semi-urgent, including clients from Emergency Department. Clients are seen by a plastic surgeon, registrars, nursing staff and allied health (hand therapist)
Eligibility criteria New clients requiring plastic surgical opinion +/- treatment
Post plastic surgery review
GP Investigations to be performed Carpel Tunnel Syndrome – Nerve Conduction Studies
Hand Fractures – X-ray
Cost Nil to clients eligible for Medicare.

Note: Patients ineligible for Medicare will be charged a fee for all services provided

Where Dandenong Hospital: Outpatient Services
David Street, Dandenong 3175
When Wed 8:30 am – 12:30 pm (weekly)
Staff Head of Unit: Assoc Prof Michael K Leung
Clinical Head Dandenong: Mr James Leong
External referral process 1300 3 iCARE – ACCESS UNIT

T: 1300 3 iCARE – 1300 342 273
F: 959 iCARE – 9594 2273

NB: GP’s are requested to refer onto this service using the Victorian Statewide Referral Form housed in most clinical software.  More information on VSRF – then click on Resources or contact your local Divisions of General Practice.

Internal referral process T: Extension 49888
F: 959 iCARE – 9594 2273
Last updated and approved May 2006
Clinic Number 1019