More than 1,200 Allied Health Practitioners play a critical role in patient treatment, care and transition to home and the community through their work in our acute, rehabilitation and community health services. Practitioners work in multi-disciplinary teams with medical and nursing staff to facilitate quality and efficient patient care. Some Allied Health disciplines offer specialty outpatient clinics, based in our acute care facilities. Patients who have had a recent acute inpatient stay are generally eligible for these clinics.

To support General Practitioners and other referrers and the effective management of specialist clinic resources, referral guidelines have been developed for the outpatient listed Allied Health disciplines. All referrals to Monash Health Outpatient Service should be in writing. Referrals should indicate that it is valid for an indefinite period.

The MRI01 form is the preferred referral form used internally to Monash Health.  General Practitioners/Referrers will be notified if the referral does not contain adequate information.  In accordance with the Department of Health Specialist Clinics in Victorian Public Hospitals – Access Policy 6.3, if an updated referral is not received within 30 working days the referrer will be notified that the referral is considered withdrawn and it will be rejected. The patient will also receive notification.

If a patient does not attend two consecutive appointments without notice, they may be discharged from the clinic and require a new referral for future treatment. The referrer and patient will be notified of this situation, should it occur. Please refer to the Department of Health Specialist Clinics in Victoria Public Hospitals Access Policy

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