Fetal Monitoring Unit : Monash Medical Centre
Ph: 9594 5275/6666 Pager no 347

This unit provides fetal and maternal assessment for women booked to birth at any Monash Health site.

Assessment Includes:

  • CTG
  • Ultrasound for fetal growth (EFW) and wellbeing (AFI/Umbilical arterial blood flow/fetal presentation/biophysical profile)

Referral is recommended for:

  • Decreased fetal movements
  • Possible growth restriction (eg fundal height discrepancy of more than 2cm)
  • Fetal Presentation if non-cephalic >36 weeks
  • External Cephalic Version (breech presentation >36 weeks primigravida and >37 weeks multigravida)

Fetal Monitoring Unit Request Form and Guidelines for requesting investigations.

Referring GPs should ring to discuss the referral and make the appointment for the patient.

All abnormal results from CTGs/ Ultrasounds performed in fetal monitoring will be discussed with the referring GP. Fetal Monitoring will be happy to provide the GP with the details of the obstetric registrar on call for further consultation.

All Medicare eligible women booked to birth at any Monash Health site will be bulkbilled.