Monash Health is Victoria’s largest provider of healthcare solutions helping individuals, families and communities through their life’s journey for over 100 years. Monash Health’s Specialised Living Options for the aging provides personalised care for you whether you need help in your home, or you choose to live with us.

We understand there’s nothing more important than your independence, and that maintaining it can seem increasingly difficult. We are here to provide high quality aged care and health care, and will help you navigate the ever-changing systems.

Whatever your story or health needs, aged care with Monash Health means you have access to a huge range of services that are personalised to your needs. We have the expertise to provide you with all levels of care. Whether you need a little or a lot, we have you covered:

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  • Care in the community
  • Care in our homes
  • Care in our hospitals

Our aged Specialised Living Options provide personalised care, with your needs at the heart of everything we do.

Monash Health. 
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Many options. 
Always true to you. 

Care in your home:

Care in our homes:

Home Care Packages

Commonwealth Home
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Aged Care Assessment Service 


Residential Care

Transition Care Programme

Aged Care Assessment Service