All HARP CDM clients are required to have a medication review. Medication reviews may be conducted by Clinical Nurse Specialists within specific HARP CDM programs, or referred to the Pharmacy Outreach Service, where complexity is identified. All Care in Context clients are to be referred to the Pharmacy Service.

Individuals identified to be at potential risk of medication misadventure or non – compliance due to any of the following risk factors:

  • Age >65
  • Living alone and managing own medications
    History of non-compliance deliberate or unintentional
  • Recent medication changes
  • Concern regarding carer ability to manage medication
  • Multiple medications (>4)
  • Cognitive/intellectual impairment & managing own medication
  • Recent hospital admission
  • Language barrier
  • Falls risk (potential or documented)
  • Use of high risk medications (opioids, sedatives, NSAIDs)
  • Cannot read dispensing labels/impaired vision
  • More than one GP
  • Renal/hepatic impairment
  • Any other concerns