The Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Clinic supports the management of clients with complex medical needs.

Clients attending the CDM Clinic are assessed by a multidisciplinary team, including a registered nurse, a clinical physician and a clinical pharmacist, to determine areas of their health that require further investigation or a streamline of service provision.

Registered Nurse provides a physical assessment, falls risk assessment, assessment of psychosocial issues that may impact on health outcomes, Mini Mental State Examination as required, education of disease process and information of services available to provide management strategies.

Clinical Pharmacist provides an intensive assessment of medications taken by the client to determine the requirement of the medication, correct administration of the medication and drug interactions. Comprehensive medication education is also provided to clients and carers. If required, Pharmacy Outreach Service can be arranged to assess all aspects of the client’s medication management in their home environment.

Clinical Physician provides a holistic approach to the client’s medical and psychosocial issues. Assessment, further investigations and planning of disease management are undertaken with the aim of improving health outcomes.

A multidisciplinary care plan is provided to other care providers to assist in streamlining the needs of the client.