The Monash Health Breast Oncology Unit is committed in supporting clinicians involved in shared care to provide the optimal care for their patients.

This initiative is being supported by Cancer Australia. Clinician details will not be given to any third party.

Online Education for GPs, Practice Nurses and other Health Professionals

These accredited modules were developed by Cancer Australia for general practitioners, practice nurses and other health professionals and support the latest advances in evidence-based breast cancer treatment and care.  The sixth module in this series, “Breast cancer treatment is over – what’s next?” addresses best practice follow-up care for women who have completed treatment for early breast cancer.

Registration to the modules is free through this Cancer Australia on RRMEO page, by clicking on Register at the bottom of the page and entering a few demographic details.

Information (Available for downloading below)

  • Follow-up guidelines for GPs

Shared Care Forms (Available for downloading below)

  • Shared care follow-up form
  • Rapid access request form
  • Shared care plan
  • Recommended follow up schedule

For additional information please contact the Monash Health Breast Care Nurses on 9928 8514

Document downloads

Follow-up guidelines for GPs PDF Document
Shared care follow-up form 
Rapid access request  PDF Document
Shared care plan 
Recommended follow-up schedule  PDF Document