1 in 12 children are born
with a rare disease

1 in 12 children are born with a rare disease

But what if you could help them see a brighter tomorrow?

All funds raised through this appeal will support the genomics program at Monash Children’s Hospital, helping children to:

  • Receive an accurate diagnosis quicker.
  • Have less invasive diagnostic procedures.
  • Access treatment quicker by reducing current waiting times.
  • Be involved in the latest clinical trials.
  • Receive precision medicine in the future, specific to their condition and genetic make-up.
  • Train healthcare staff and empower families to implement this ground-breaking knowledge to their advantage on a day by day basis.

What is Genomic Care?

Precision-based care is rapidly increasing the utilisation of genetic testing and expert knowledge to take advantage of an individual’s genetic information to provide individualised care to a child and their family.

The genetic field is rapidly expanding to harness the power of new technologies and evidence, to now deliver what we could only imagine as a future of healthcare as a reality at Monash Health.


  • improves diagnostic rates and management outcomes for children
  • is cheaper than standard care
  • is disrupting health care
  • will allow precision medicine and all of its benefits
  • facilitates research in transformative fields
  • creates exciting opportunities for education and training
  • will allow Monash Children’s Hospital enter a new era in health

Your impact

Advances in genomics and precision medicine are helping to identify many conditions, enabling them to not only be treated in the most effective way possible but in some instances to cure them and even prevent them from being passed on to future generations.

It will not only provide better health outcomes for our young patients today but will shift the paradigm of health care, setting us on our way to making this ground-breaking technology the standard treatment for all children in our care, enabling an expanding focus on prevention and improving the quality of life of children and families.

You can help give Mehar, and so many other young patients like her, a brighter tomorrow

Your important role

Your much needed support now, will help deliver the best treatment to children today and help prevent illness for generations to come.

Each gift, large or small will make a  real difference.

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