Help keep parents and baby
this festive season...

Help keep parents and baby ‘together’ this festive season

… and beyond for the weeks, and sometimes months, they spend in our neonatal care ward

Evidence shows that prolonged or repeated physical separation between parents and their newborn alters brain development, impairs the ongoing bonding/attachment process and has long-lasting effects.

Did you know?

It is critically important to ensure newborn babies have close contact with parents after birth, especially for those born too small (at low birthweight) or too soon (preterm). This is why:

  • Improved breast milk supply and breastfeeding rates which has lifelong benefits.
  • Improved physical and emotional closeness and connection to their baby.
  • More involved in their babies care rather than being an observer.
  • Brain development and later development is positively influenced by physical and emotional closeness and parent empowerment.
  • Close physical contact between parent and preterm infants decreases infant’s cortisol levels and pain responses.

Each year, Monash Health’s Casey Newborn provides care to more than 750 unwell babies. We always aim to ensure parents can remain close. However, sometimes there are simply too many admissions, and this can become difficult.

With your help this could change

Monash Health’s Casey Newborn would like to have a pull-out bed at every single cot side so parents can stay with their baby as long as they want to.

The chairs are compact enough to fit next the bay’s cot side against the wall. When required as a bed they have an easy trundle out mechanism.

Each chair costs $4,695.

Diana, together with Dean during his extended hospital stay

Your important role

Each gift, large or small will go a long way in helping us to keep parents and baby together this festive season.

Please donate today and help give these vulnerable infants the best possible start to life

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