2020 Length of Service Awards

Celebrating dedicated service and commitment to deliver excellence, every day, in a year like no other.

Watch the ceremonies

Thank you to everybody who joined our virtual events, and our congratulations again to our dedicated, long-serving employees.

You can watch the ceremonies below or on the Monash Health YouTube.

10-Year Employees and Volunteers, and 5-Year Volunteers

Our first 2020 Length of Service Awards event.

15-Year Employees and Volunteers

Our second 2020 Length of Service Awards event.

20 and 25-Year Employees and Volunteers

Our third 2020 Length of Service Awards event.

30, 35, 40 and 45-Year Employees and Volunteers

Our fourth 2020 Length of Service Awards event.

Join the celebration on Facebook

Share your favourite Monash Health memories on the 2020 Length of Service Awards Facebook group.

Monash Health Length of Service Awards Facebook group

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Frequently asked questions

Why are the Length of Service Awards digital this year?

COVID-19 requirements for physical distancing mean we are not able to host the traditional face-to-face event and awards presentation this year, but that will not stop us paying tribute to you for your dedicated service.

We will return to our previous format when it’s safe to do so.

I didn’t receive an invitation, but I think I am eligible for a service award in 2020.

In order to be eligible, you will be able to demonstrate continuous employment with Monash Health, and this includes organisations that have become part of our network during your employment. If you would like us to look into an invitation query for you, please email ServiceAwards@monashhealth.org

How will I receive my certificate and badge?

We’ll post a personal recognition pack to your mailing address. Employees, you’ll need to ensure your details in HR21 are correct using these steps:

How to update your postal address

  1. Log in to HR21 using your employee ID https://hr21.southernhealth.org.au/vpn/tmindex.html
  2. Select My Details > Addresses
  3. Update your address and select the save icon

A red square highlights the floppy disk (save) icon on a menu.

Volunteers will need to contact their volunteer coordinator to make sure their contact details are up to date.

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